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We distribute windows and doors for every day and once in a lifetime, providing reliable products

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For us, providing excellent customer service involves helping the broader community as well as the client. We adhere to the philosophy of “placing our money where our heart is” by contributing to charities that motivate us to improve ourselves as individuals.




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For every exterior aspect of your house, we offer solutions. Exterior doors and window replacements are only the beginning. We proudly source our home design materials from the USA.


When teams and companies are passionate, their work speaks for themselves.


We think that innovation is really about bringing about change.


We do what is right. Nothing takes precedence over safety.


We bring beauty and security to the spaces that touch our lives.

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We engage in servant leadership through supporting one another's development.


Web development - 10 years
Design - 8 years
Art & Illustrations - 6 years
Marketing - 2 years

With Fiwas you can have the most exclusive windows on the market today.


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Our values both describe our culture and act as a road map for our daily behavior. Everything we do is motivated by these five firmly held principles. We shall accomplish our purpose and realize our vision by upholding our values.


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Supplying South Florida With High-Quality impact windows

Choosing the best price for impact windows about us might be challenging because there are so many different forms of hurricane protection on the market today. Fiwas has a long history of satisfying customers. We continue to keep up with the most recent developments in South Florida hurricane protection as members of The Association of Shutter Professionals and the National Accreditation and Management Institute.

All you need to know about us hurricane protection

About us All forms of impact windows and doors, are provided and installed by our company. Guaranteed works making the process simple for you.

We provide a shop-at-home service with mobile product presentations for your convenience.

The industry’s most complete hurricane protection warranty about us

Only about us when the necessary maintenance instructions are followed, Fiwas assures to the original purchaser that its products shall be free from defects in material or workmanship for the periods mentioned below. Within the terms outlined here and as defined by Assured in its sole discretion, the guarantee is valid for products used normally. Inadequate maintenance, improper product use, highly corrosive environments, damage from fire, accident, floods, acts of God, riots, or civil unrest are not covered by this warranty. Neither are stresses brought on by localized heat that result in excessive temperature differentials over glass surface edges, multiple hurricanes, wind-driven rain brought on by high wind events, vandalism, building settlements, or structural failures.

Warranty for Hurricane Window Caulking

For every one of our installs, we utilize caulking to seal the frames or trim package against air or water infiltration. Caulking is regarded as an installation component and is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty because it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain it. However, it is covered by the Fiwas warranty for a term of ten years under normal circumstances (see above).

Warranty on window and shutter hardware

For lifetime hardware warranty is covered.

Warranty for Moving Components

A 10-year warranty on all moving parts is required, starting from the installation date. Accordion shutters are eligible for an extension of this guarantee for an additional 10 years at a cost of 5% of the original contract price as indicated above.

Warranty for the Impact Window Frame and Glass

Fiwas covers window installations for the frame and glass, but your manufacturer’s warranty does. During a duration of ten years, Fiwas does cover all moveable parts.